Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cigarette butts count as litter, too.

I saw this while I was googling information on smoking to win a pointless debate with a friend and, as I have a hard time taking anything serious seriously, I thought it was funny in a nerdy way. It's a great play on words because if you understand that the boldness of a character is described as its weight, you get the decreasing font weight throughout the sentence, it's still effective if you don't though because you still understand that the words are becoming "skinnier" while you read something about reducing body weight.

WhatTheFont tells me it's an Avenir font though it's not sure whether it's Avenir Book or Avenir Medium. I enjoy this font and I've used it before on flyers because I believe it to be very modern looking and clean, which is what made me notice it in the first place. It's a sans serif font and though serifs are supposed to guide our eyes, I find them to be a distraction and that using them would have taken away from the effectiveness of this clean cut advertisement. The typography is great, it stands out, it's kerned nicely and fills an adequate portion of the ad space. I like how the "(one lung at a time)" bit is placed under the word "WEIGHT" to sort of balance out the boldness at the beginning of the sentence.


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