Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I love you like kings love queens, like a gay geneticist loves designer 'jeans' "

Bo Burnham is probably my favorite singing comedian out there. His lyrics are full of puns, science, and history jokes that allow you to listen to the song numerous times while hearing new jokes with each play. 

 I was looking the dvd up to buy it but when I saw the image I thought it would be perfect for a blog picture. The DVD is called WORDS WORDS WORDS so I think the image is fitting as it is indeed a bunch of words making up his picture. I'm really drawn to text-heavy designs like these because it pulls you in and makes ou look at the image longer, trying to figure out what the words are saying and how small they get.

What the font says the typeface used is "TVNord Condensed" which I haven't heard of before, or Futura Condensed. But I feel as though it is indeed the TV Nord font because of the O. In the title it is flatter on the bottom, the O in Futura is more pointy.


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